Terms and Conditions

Below are following terms and conditions which are bound to accept by a user on using ProTechno Media. You are requested to read these terms and conditions carefully before making use of website services. ProTechno Media holds the right to terminate any user access at any time for any reason. ProTechno Media monitors the access to this website. All the content available on the website is the exclusive property of ProTechno Media. The content, software, graphics, images, audio, and video available on website belong to ProTechno Media. Not any material on this website is allowed to modified, copied, reproduced, uploaded, republished, transmitted, or distributed in any kind without prior written permission from ProTechno Media. The unauthorized use of the content available on this website may violate trademark, copyright results in civil or criminal penalties. ProTechno Media is a registered trademark of ProTechno Media which cannot be used in any way without any prior written consent from ProTechno Media. ProTechno Media does not hold any responsibility for any kind of damage to the user computer system or loss of the data which results from the download of any information, material or content available on a website. ProTechno Media holds the right to change or discontinue any aspect of this website any point of time that includes features or content. We reserve the right to modify or update terms and conditions applicable to use of this website. Not, in any event, ProTechno Media will be liable for any damage that includes direct, consequential or incidental damage that arises out of use or inability to use ProTechno Media website. ProTechno Media does not make any warranty: (a) The website will meet up your needs (b) Website is available on any timely, secure, uninterrupted or error-free basis (c) Results which are attained from the use of a website or any services provided through the website is reliable User right is of supreme importance to ProTechno Media. Information provided by the user is not being shared with any third party. ProTechno Media reserves the right to use the information to offer a user a complete personalized experience. This website offers links to several websites and access to services and product from another third party that includes advertisers, affiliates and sponsors of the website. Users agree that ProTechno Media is not responsible for the availability of content offered on the third party website. ProTechno Media is not responsible for third party content accessible through a website that includes statements, advertisements, and user needs to bear every risk being associated with the use of this content. ProTechno Media is not responsible for any damage or loss of any kind occurring from dealing with the third party.

Acceptance Policy

For the utilization of one or more services being provided by ProTechno Media, the customer automatically accepts all terms and condition of this document. The customer does not have any right to reject one or more terms or conditions given in the document. If the customer does this, then ProTechno Media reserves right to refuse service to that customer.

Modifications in Terms or Conditions

ProTechno Media reserves the right to change or alter any of the information in this policy anytime. We will not provide any prior information to anyone for modification of policy

Kinds of service available

All the services provided by ProTechno Media are:

Membership Plans

ProTechno Media offers various membership plans for our customer. The plans include a single incident, basic plan, professional plan, and ultimate plan. If you want to get detailed information about our plans please review our “Service Plan” page.


The amount that customer is going to pay completely depends upon which kind of service they utilized. When the customer agreed to use one or more service from ProTechno Media, he/she needs to pay the payment before the service is started. The customer reserves right to refuse for payment of service and ProTechno Media reserves right to refuse to provide service to that individual.

Credit/Debit Card Use

At ProTechno Media, we accept all kind of Credit or Debit card. The customer who is providing the information of their credit or debit card over phone needs to be 18 years of age. If a customer does not have their own credit/debit card and using anyone else card then individual whose card is in use need to be available at the time of a call? Otherwise. ProTechno Media reserves the right to deny the service to that customer. If the customer debit/credit card fails authorization, then ProTechno Media reserves the right to denied service to that customer. For the approval method of credit/debit card, ProTechno Media makes use of AVS i.e. Address Verification Service. This implies an additional layer of the security and customer can be refused to get service in case of AVS check. ProTechno Media securely stores the data of credit/debit card for purpose of billing. This data is typically stored in 3rd party secure gateway of payment and ProTechno Media does not have access to any card number completely.

Responsibilities of ProTechno Media

It is a responsibility of ProTechno Media to offer customers with timely and competent solutions for their technology-related issue. Our representatives strive hard to offer excellent technical support service. If our technician is not able to resolve the issue via phone, then our technician will resolve it through a remote connection. The customer is required to know while ProTechno Media technicians are performing technical support service timely, in some situations, the resolution can take more time or it varies. ProTechno Media does not guarantee about the time of resolving an issue and it is not any factor of impacting money back guarantee.


Customer agrees to pay, support and hold harmless ProTechno Media and its employees from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, costs, penalties, fines and expenses being coming related to: (i)Use or misuse of any software service by a customer (ii) Violation of terms and conditions of ProTechno Media (iii) Any intentional or negligent misconduct by a customer.

Third Party

ProTechno Media makes use of some third party to assist customers in resolving the issue. This third party software is not manufactured by us but is licensed so we are not responsible if it causes damage to customer software or hardware.